Art Education Exchange

Associazione 21 luglio, CIES, Domus de Luna, Progetto Axé Italia, Projeto Axé - Archive Italy - Exchange

The Art of Making a Difference

Arteco - Archive Italy - Awareness raising

The policemen and the dinosaur

Bambinisenzasbarre - Archive Italy - Social inclusion

New Focus on Children

CDM - Archive Italy - Social inclusion

The Little Tor Pignattara Orchestra

Musica e Altre Cose - Archive Italy - Social inclusion

Fekat Circus and Slum Drummers: a bridge between Ethiopian acrobatics and Kenyan drums

GRT/Slum Drummers, Fekat Circus - Archive abroad - Exchange

Different Alphabets: artistic endeavors for various abilities

City of Pavia - Archive Italy - Awareness raising

Cartoons on the wards

AVISCO - Archive Italy - Health

Theatre Without Borders

Giullari di Gulliver - Archive abroad - Social inclusion

Italian Tour of Pé no Chão

Pé no Chão - Archive Italy - Awareness raising

Amarò Foro

Associazione 21 luglio - Archive Italy - Social inclusion

Summer Camp “Different meetings”

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