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daSud - Archive Italy - Research

Crossings. Theatre with Migrants Exchange

Teatro Magro- Archive Italy- Exchange

Behind Bars. CCO – Puntozero Exchange

CCO - Archive Italy - Exchange

Rulli Frulli Days Exchange

Rulli Frulli Lab,AllegroModerato,CIES,CivicoZero,Co2 - Archive Italy - Exchange

Allegro ed Oltre

AllegroModerato, Oltre le Quinte - Archive Italy - Exchange

South- South Exchange between Fekat and Phare

Fekat Circus, Phare Ponleu Selpak - Archive abroad - Exchange

Exchange Vientos Culturales and Corporacion de Arte y Poesia Prometeo

Vientos Culturales, Prometeo - Archive abroad - Exchanges

Art in Pediatrics Exchange

AVISCO, LAD - Archive Italy - Exchange

Theatre, dance and music of difference Exchange

ZeroFavole, Cre-Arte, AllegroModerato, Accademia Arte della Diversità - Archive Italy - Exchange

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