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“Portami là fuori” (Take me out there) Festival

CCO- Archive Italy - Awareness Raising

To play music again

CIES- Archive Italy - Social inclusion

Publication of the Evaluation of the impact of Puntozero

Puntozero - Archive Italy - Research

Crossings. Theatre with Migrants Exchange

Teatro Magro- Archive Italy- Exchange

Behind Bars. CCO – Puntozero Exchange

CCO - Archive Italy - Exchange

Robo&Bobo- Video making

Dear Onlus - Archive Italy- Social inclusion

Rulli Ribelli at MaTeMù!

Rulli Frulli Lab - Archive Italy - Social Inclusion

Trasformanimare Publication. Stories that animate hospital wards

AVISCO - Archive Italy - Research

Monitoring and Documenting the Community Women Opera

AllegroModerato - Archive Italy - Research

Community Women Opera

AllegroModerato - Archive Italy - Social Inclusion