Partner: Oltre le Quinte –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Novara and Turin –  Year: 2017-2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


Dance workshops and intensive workshops on the transmission of gesture and theatre training run by renowned artists for an integrated group of disabled and able-bodied young adults and professionals in Novara; diffusion of “Stato di Grazia” (“State of Grace”), product including a photographic exhibition, movement scores and actions open to citizens.



Enhance skills and develop new expressive possibilities of vulnerable people and the professionals who assist them


22 people aged between 16 and 39, of whom approximately half with disabilities and in the care of the Territorial Handicap Educational Service of the city of Novara.


Established in 2016, the association Oltre le Quinte (Beyond the Scenes) grew out of 20 years’ experience of dance and music workshops offered by the social services department of Novara city council (ComuneArte) to people with vulnerabilities. Today it is an integrated artistic group comprising around 30 people including professional educators, volunteers, vulnerable young people and people working with integrated artistic languages.

Since 2017, with support from AMI, Oltre le Quinte set out on a path of experimentation and training by introducing a weekly workshop in dance/somatic-emotional research. The possibility of reclaiming a pre-verbal code by boosting the physical vocabulary of gesture facilitates the participants’ integration through the nuances of a form of communication that becomes highly inclusive and affirming.

From 2018, the project also includes three intensive workshops on the transmission of gesture, theatre training and photo-video.

In 2020, the organization intends to disseminate “Stato di Grazia” (“State of Grace”), in other Italian cities (3/4 days of travel) identifying the appropriate and significant contexts for the exhibition of the art works and the presentation of the movement scores; in a more complete version, an open call to citizenship is activated (performers, dancers, amateurs and community people) aimed at joining a research work shared with Oltre le Quinte performers.