The Foundation

Fondazione Alta Mane Italia (AMI) was established by Fondation Alta Mane Ginevra (AMG) in 2010 and started operating in Italy the following June, after obtaining legal recognition from the Rome Prefecture in April 2011 and being listed in the Registry of Legal Entities.

The Foundation’s main objective is to support “projects aimed at improving the conditions or health of people, individuals or groups of individuals, as well as youth, living in situations of serious crisis, extreme social difficulty or psycho-social suffering, supporting their development and social, physical, recreational, emotional and psychological wellbeing, particularly through experiences and initiatives linked to Art and its applications in the social and medical sphere” (article 2.1 of the Statutes).

Since 2011 AMI has progressively extended its sphere of action on behalf of the most vulnerable children and young people, forging a fruitful dialogue with its partners operating in different contexts (hospitals, youth centres, juvenile prisons, rehabilitation centres or therapeutic communities, disadvantaged rural areas, deprived metropolitan or outlying urban areas). The Foundation’s partners are mostly associations, social cooperatives or NGOs working to support the most marginalized young people, or those who are suffering from serious illness, through artistic initiatives and workshops.

The name of the Foundation

The Foundation derives its name from verse 353 of Consolatio ad Liviam Augusta de morte Drusi filli eius qui in Germania de morbo periit, an elegy written by the poet Publius Ovidius Naso (44 BC – 18 AD) for Livia Drusilla, wife of Augustus, on the occasion of the premature death of her son, Druso Maggiore, in 9 BC.

ALTA MANE supraque tuos exurge dolores
in fragilemque animum, quod potes, usque tene.

ALTA MANE: Stay up! Raise above your pain
and support your weak mind while you can.

Summary of activities 2011 – 2021

In ten years of activity AMI has:

  • made possible 333 annual workshops, most of which (187) in the social inclusion sector

  • supported 77 organisations, of which 64 in Italy and 13 abroad

  • involved 11 hospitals in Italy and 1 abroad

  • operated not just in Italy but also in 16 foreign countries in partnership with AMG

  • managed on average approximately 30 projects per year

  • involved thousands of direct beneficiaries each year (8.656 – in addition to an estimated 7.000 in Ethiopia)

  • produced 9 videos

  • engineered the meeting of 180 people during exchange programmes

  • involved about 46,000 beneficiaries (excluding those of the Fekat Circus project) and about 450 operators abroad

  • supported 8 impact assessments, 4 conferences in Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples and 7 book pubblications in Italy and 3 abroad

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