Partner: Rulli Frulli Lab (2019-2020), Mani Tese (2017 -2018) –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Finale Emilia (MO), Reggio Emilia, Baranzate (MI) –  Year: 2017-2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


Enhancing the Rulli Frulli Band by training young musicians in order to foster youth social inclusion and the spread of the experience in other contexts.



To train 6 adult members of the Rulli Frulli Band as music teachers to promote the social inclusion of youth, and particularly of disabled youngsters or those from different cultural backgrounds and origins, through music and to disseminate the experience in other marginalizated contexts. To strengthen social relations of intercultural coexistence.


6 adult members of the Rulli Frulli Band, 70 young people from the Rulli Frulli Band (12- 30 years) and 30 from the Rulli Frullini Band (6-12 years), with and without disabilities and/or with different origins and backgrounds, 25 young asylum seekers from the system of protection for asylum seekers and refugees (SPRAR) in Reggio Emilia and 30 young people from the multiethnic Baranzate district (MI) and 2000 students of primary schools in Reggio Emilia.


The Rulli Frulli Band is a musical project for inclusion as well as the creative re-use of recyclable materials to create musical instruments. About 70 youths between the ages of 8 and 30, among whom 15 are disabled, have been getting together weekly since 2010 in Finale Emilia to build musical instruments with recyclable materials and play percussion instruments under the guidance of the orchestral director of the C.G. Andreoli School of Music. Every year since 2013 the Band gives concerts throughout Italy for several months.

The Band was an important occasion for getting together and socializing after the earthquake that hit Emilia in 2012, thanks to the support provided by Mani Tese Finale Emilia, and over time became a reference point for vulnerable youths on the part of the Child Neuropsychiatric service.

The project supported by AMI offers the possibility for the Band to grow by allowing five adult members who have been a dedicated part of the Band for a long time to acquire a more active role (through work bursaries) by assisting teachers, also in order to spread this experience to other Italian cities. Since 2017 the project has also been disseminated within the system of protection for asylum seekers and refugees (SPRAR) in Reggio Emilia run by the cooperative “Dimora di Abramo” and within the emergency housing project in multiethnic area of Baranzate (MI). Since 2019, the Rulli Frulli Band involves primary schools childrens of Reggio Emilia in a big concert during the event “Notte di Lice” (Night of Light) organized annually by the city of Reggio Emilia.


Rulli Frulli Lab

In 2017 and 2018 Mani Tese