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The policeman and the dinosaur – 2017

THE POLICEMAN AND THE DINOSAUR, a project of the association BAMBINISENZASBARRE (ChildrenWithoutBars), allows fathers who are serving time at the OPERA prison in Milan to draw freely and spontaneously with their children as an alternative to the traditional meeting behind closed doors.

SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH – Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini – 17 min.

zerofavole – 2016

Video on the theatre activities of the association ‘Zerofavole’ from Reggio Emilia involving disabled and able-bodied actors and non-actors. Zerofavole runs a Workshop/School and presents high quality theatre performances with the collaboration of external directors. The video narrates the rehearsals for and final staging of the productions “CECI N’EST PAS UN  SPECTACLE” by Antonio Viganò and “INFERNO” by Babilonia Teatri”.

Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini – 15 min.

Dream Builders – 2015

This video illustrates the activities of two projects supported by the Foundation: Slum Drummers in Nairobi, Kenya, and Fekat Circus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Both combine intense social activity with music and circus arts in support of youth in difficulty. Thanks to the Foundation’s exchange programme, the two groups were able to compare their experiences and put on a joint performance blending circus arts and percussive rhythms, which toured Spain in the summer of 2015.

SUBTITLES IN ENGLISH – Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini – 33 min.


From 16 May to 6 June 2015, Cre-Arte (Bariloche, Argentina) will tour Europe for the first time with its performance of Es tiempo de Amar, created as part of a project supported by AMI and AMG.

Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini –  29 min.

Il teatro dei risvegli – 2014

This documentary illustrates theatrical activities involving coma survivors in Bologna as part of the activities organised by the association Gli Amici di Luca (Luca’s friends) at the CASA DEI RISVEGLI (house of awakenings). The video shows expressive activities during therapy, group theatrical workshops, rehearsals, interviews with the creators and supervisors, and the daily life of some of the protagonists.

IN ITALIAN – Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini – 28 min.


This video shows the activities of the LABORATORIO CUORE, which was held in the coronary unit of the Federico II Policlinico hospital in Naples in 2010, allowing the young patients to take part in artistic activities to relieve their suffering by providing space for the supportive expression of emotion and creative stimulation for them and their families.

IN ITALIAN – Video by Paola Raguzzi – 11 min

ArtEducation EXCHANGE, comparing the experience of 5 AMI partners – 2013

This video was made in September 2013 during the ArtEducation Exchange involving five Alta Mane partners working on projects using art in contexts of social marginalization and hardship. During the first meeting, the professionals from the CIES MaTeMù youth centre, the 21 July Association and Projeto Axè presented their respective projects and discussed the different approaches with a view to knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practice.

IN ITALIAN – Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini – 9 min.


The Grupo de Apoio Mutuo Pé no Chão went on tour in Italy from mid April to mid May 2013 with the show Voz do Tambor Afro-Brasileiro. 16 young beneficiaries of the “Cabeça no futuro” project performed in the show, held artistic workshops in schools and took part in awareness raising events and meetings on social hardship and integration.

IN ITALIAN AND PORTUGUESE – Directed by Paola Raguzzi –  16,33′ min

artEducazione – Il cammino della cittadinanza – 2012

This video was shot in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) and illustrates the implementation of the principles of ArtEducation and the pedagogy of desire adopted by PROJETO AXE’ in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) for the rehabilitation of street children and youth.

IN ITALIAN AND PORTUGUESE – Directed by Paola Raguzzi and Nathalie Signorini – 22 min.

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