Partner: Amici di Luca –  Sector: Awareness raising  –  Country:  –  Place: Valencia –  Year: 2017 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Staging a theatrical tour in Valencia from September 25 to October 1, 2017 with the Casa dei Risvegli actors who have come out of coma and similar Spanish theatrical groups.



To promote the meeting, the dialogue and the comparison between theater groups for post-coma patients and people with cerebral lesions.


About 15 post-coma actors that belong to the Amici di Luca Association theatrical group, and about 15 actors with brain damage that are part of the Nueva Opciòn Spanish association, as well as about 5 theatre technicians from both associations.


For many years, the Casa dei Risvegli of Bologna has been offering young people who have come out of comas various theatrical activities aimed at assisting the awakening and social inclusion and integration of post-coma patients. Two theatrical groups were formed over the years: Dopo…Di Nuovo, for newly discharged patients, and the Amici di Luca Company, that works with patients that have been home for some time.

The Tournée in Valencia project offers the post-coma actors from both groups, who are regularly involved in theatrical activities at the Casa dei Risvegli, an opportunity to perform abroad and share an intense experience while reinforcing their sense of belonging to the group. The theatrical companies are hosted in Valencia by the Nueva Opciòn Association, which, similar to the Amici di Luca Association, organizes theatrical activities for people with brain damage. The Tournée foresees several days for workshops in theatrical expression co-conducted by Italian and Spanish professionals, along with the performance at the Community Theatre of Valencia of “IN PROGRESS”, the result of the shared workshops and the theatrical work undertaken by the two organizations.