“Culture and the arts are essential components of a comprehensive education leading to the full development of the individual. Therefore, Arts Education is a universal human right, for all learners, including those who are often excluded from education, such as immigrants, cultural minority groups, and people with disabilities”

Road Map for Arts Education, UNESCO, 2006

Fondazione Alta Mane Italia supports projects aimed at improving the living or health conditions of people, particularly children and youth, in situations of extreme social exclusion or psychophysical suffering, by using artistic experience to foster their recovery and inclusion.

The decision to support projects linked to art rests on the conviction that a strong synergy exists between artistic experience and the therapeutic/rehabilitative process and social reintegration of people suffering from serious pathologies or experiencing severe marginalisation.

Non-verbal artistic language opens up new channels of communication with the surrounding environment, relieving the isolation that accompanies suffering and social exclusion and creating a flow of communication between all the actors involved (beneficiaries, family members, professionals and the community).

By stimulating personal creativity and expression, artistic experience helps build self esteem, self confidence and a sense of identity; in many cases it is able to mobilise deep-seated and healing emotions and energy and to trigger important processes of personal and collective change.

The exchange of experience between partners is a source of mutual enrichment, consolidation and improvement of the artistic practices.

The dissemination of experience, including through research and awareness raising, can foster the application of best practices, facilitate the prospects for the future self-sustainability of partner organisations and increase the level of awareness around these issues.

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