Partner: Dedalus –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Naples –  Year: 2017-2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


Artistic workshops at the Intercultural Center “Officine Gomitoli” in the historic center of Naples, a space devoted to promoting the rights of young people, especially migrants.



To guarantee young and adolescent Italians and migrants stable opportunities for inclusion and expression through creative and expressive activities undertaken in the “Officine Gomitoli” Intercultural Centre.


100 young and adolescent Italians and foreigners (second-generation immigrants, new arrivals and unaccompanied minors) living in vulnerable, socio-economically or culturally deprived or deviant situations in Naples.


The project foresees holding artistic workshops at the “Officine Gomitoli” Intercultural Centre, a place dedicated to the promotion of the rights of young people and of their skills and professional and creative abilities. This space, inaugurated in June 2016 and supported also by Fondazione Con il Sud and Fondazione Charlemagne, is located in a former woollen mill dating to Bourbon rule in Porta Capuana, in the historic centre of Naples, an area where many migrants live and the target of an urban regeneration plan (UNESCO world heritage site).

Since 2017, AMI has supported the realization of artistic activities at the Officine Gomitoli. In 2020, the project promotes two artistic laboratories:; a photographic laboratory to narrate different cultural identities of people and places, using images to narrate stories, biographies and contexts in order to produce culture and exchange, and highlight political, urban and social lacunae, aiming to recuperate the stories and memories of places and the people that inhabit them; the laboratory of visual arts and watercolor, dedicated to inter-cultural miscegenation to offer moments of knowledge of different cultures, practices and traditions that inhabit the rest of the facilities.

In addition, Officine Gomitoli offers intensive expressive workshops with renowned international artists.