Partner: Pé no Chão –  Sector: Awareness raising  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Varese, Verona –  Year: 2013 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Presentation for the first time in Italy of Pe No Chão show The voice of the Afro-Brazilian Drum;workshop with italian groups of youth.



Strengthening the training of young Brazilian artists by supporting the presentation for the first time in Italy of their show The voice of the Afro-Brazilian Drum; sensitizing young Italians on the theme of social deprivation and integration.


16 youths from Pé no Chão, accompanied by three teachers, and all the young Italians participating in the sensitization initiatives undertaken by Pé no Chão in Italy.


The Grupo de Apoio Mutuo Pé no Chão, for the first time in Italy, put on their show Voz do Tambor Afro- Brasileiro, the result of three years of work of the project Head in the future, supported by AMI in partnership with AMG.

The show was put on by Pé no Chão in collaboration with 3 artists from the Angolan dance troupe Kilandukilu (located in Lisbon), and with the contribution of a young Mozambican artist who participated in an exchange with ASEM Mozambique.

The show describes the resistance of African people to European colonization and offers the adolescents of the Pé no Chão (Brazil) project a chance to know their African roots (Angola and Mozambique). It is a symbiosis between the old and the new, a mixture of traditional dances (ceremonies for the succession of kings, for strength for warriors, the religious, joyful Frevo – a typical Pernambuco dance) and the energy of modern dance, such as hip hop, the capoeira and break dancing.

The Italian tour represented a period of artistic and professional training and growth for the young artists but also an important opportunity for “restitution” for the Pé no Chão group, which in this way reinforced the trust, support and exchange experienced with numerous Italian volunteers and supporters.

Between the middle of April and end of May 2013 the show will be presented in various theaters and squares. Education and sensitization activities are also planned in many cities, as well as workshops in schools, exhibitions, meetings with young people from marginal areas (in the context of the European Amitiè Project of the City of Bologna), and participation in various festivals. In particular, in Bologna, in the context of the Amitiè Project, the Pé no Chão youth will run artistic workshops along with the Parada/Apel and San Donato quarter youths.