Partner: Amici di Luca –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Bologna –  Year: 2012-2018 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Drama workshops with young people in vegetative and minimal consciousness state, patients at the Casa dei Risvegli (House of Awakenings) and people with coma effects who have been discharged and risk social isolation.



Social integration and rehabilitation of people with coma-induced consequences or serious brain damage to help them “awaken” and communicate, know themselves and make themselves known.


About 13 young people from the Luca De Nigris Casa dei Risvegli in Bologna between the ages of 16 and 25 in vegetative or minimal consciousness states, and about 20 youths involved in post-coma rehabilitation who have been discharged and face social isolation.


Theater and music for patients undergoing therapy at the Casa dei Risvegli and for those who have been discharged,

young people in vegetative and minimal consciousness states in post-trauma rehabilitation, to help their “awakening” and return to consciousness. This is a clinical/therapeutic activity that involves various forms of theater personalized for individual patients. Each session involves activating different sensorial capacities simultaneously through various forms of theater that result in physical, psychological and emotional stimulation. Activities include reading texts, narrating with objects, puppets, stuffed animals, shadow play, videos and slides, the use of tactile materials, smells, colored lights, music, sounds and anything else that can be used in theater.

Theater for patients with coma-induced consequences that have been discharged and risk social isolation.

Theatrical activities aimed at re-inserting these youths socially constitute an important tool for recovery and self-awareness, an occasion to face and understand their condition and internal world in a context characterized by sharing emotions and feelings to facilitate the rebuilding of an identity that incorporates the results of a traumatic event and rehabilitation. The workshop is for youths who have been recently discharged (Dopo…Di Nuovo [literally “Afterwards…Anew”] theater company); and young people who had been home for some time (Gli Amici di Luca [literally Luca’s Friends] company), which in 2012 was involved with the theater company Babilonia Teatri in a co-production of Pinocchio, which toured major Italian cities.