Partner: Teatro Magro –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Mantova –  Year: 2019-2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


A theatrical workshop for young asylum seekers with the participation of young Italian performers, members of the Teatro Magro of Mantova.



Increase the communications skills of asylum seekers through theatre to facilitate their integration into the social and cultural fabric; promote activities of shared interest among the young generations of new Italian citizens and foreigners.


Approximately 10/15 young asylum seekers (18-28 years old) of the SPRAR Enea project of Mantova for the preparatory laboratory, 5 young asylum seekers (18-28 years old) for the advanced laboratory; about 8 young Italian performers (16-22 years old) who are part of the Teatro Magro; interested local citizens.


The project involves the realization of theatrical workshops focused on communication skills (voice, body, attention to relationships) for young asylum seekers of the Mantua SPRAR Enea project.

Expressive activity helps to stimulate the expressive potential of the participants, educates to chorality and relationship, promotes empathy, improves the perception of one’s body, space and time, increases the concentration threshold, strengthens self-esteem and self-control, enhancing the originality and personality of each.

In 2020, young SPRAR beneficiaries attend the beginner workshop held at the Baratta Municipal Library. Asylum seekers who have participated in the laboratory since 2019 can attend the advanced and integrated laboratory with the group of Italian students already trained by Teatro Magro ( “Carni Scelte” resident laboratory).

In addition to the theater workshop, the project includes an intensive summer workshop with the participation of an external artist and the vision of 2 appropriately selected contemporary theater shows, which can stimulate the beneficiaries to a critical vision and to be together with the citizens in a situation of sociability and sharing.

The project is carried out in direct partnership with the Municipality of Mantua and the SPRAR Enea through an annual convention.