Partner: Accademia Arte Della Diversità, AllegroModerato –  Sector: Awareness raising  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Milan, Bolzano –  Year: 2017 - 2019 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


To create and spread a lyric opera with disabled actors, dancers and musicians to sensitize the public at large about the culture of inclusion and to overturn the collective concept of disability meaning insurmountable limits in terms of artistic and human expression.



“Joining two poetic universes, two missions, two identities in a unique, common cultural, ethical and poetical project that aims to give back an identity and professionalism to disadvantaged actors, dancers and musicians.” To give people with disabilities places and opportunities for artistic expression by narrowing the gap between music and theatre.


Approximately 16 actors, dancers and musicians with mental or physical disabilities between the ages of 24 and 30, members of the Accademia Arte della Diversità and the AllegroModerato Orchestra. Audience attending the shows.


For some time the Accademia Arte Della Diversità in Bolzano (with theatre) and the AllegroModerato Orchestra in Milano (with music) have been working to give voice and opportunity for artistic expression to people with mental and physical disabilities.

The two companies are meeting and, with this project, creating an ambitious lyrical theatrical opera based on Giuseppe Verdi’s and William Shakespeare’s Othello. The project foresees an abridged version of the work that is able to convey its drama, meaning and theatrical and musical content. The professional workshop in the art of opera theatre involves all the ‘disadvantaged’ actors of the Art of Diversity Academy and the musicians of the AllegroModerato Orchestra and includes artistic collaborations with major Italian choreographers and playwrights.

About 8 actors, dancers, 17 musicians and 3 singers are involved in rehearsals and the staging of the opera as well as some joint artistic residencies, the first of which took place from September 3-9, 2017 in Olinda in Milan; the second will take place from May 21 to June 10 2018 at the same venue. The Opera is performed in a small circus tent with the ring as the stage and the audience seated on the surrounding grandstand. Othello is a great circus of human sentiments, in which the characters display their emotions in the form of circus arts.

In 2019 Otello Circus goes on national tour at the Teatro Comunale in Bolzano and as part of the Napoli Teatro Festival at the Court of The Royal Palace of Naples