Partner: APS Terra –  Sector: Social Inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Rome and Naples –  Year: 2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


Broadening the repertory and composition of the Orchestra di Braccianti via musical workshops and a search for new musicians.



Strengthening the Orchestra di Braccianti as a means for the autonomy, independence, education and integration of day labourers, as well as broadening the reach and sensitization of public opinion on the theme of black labour; consolidating the ties of the group and increasing the musical repertory both in qualitative and quantitative terms; broadening the composition of the orchestra with new musicians; reinforcing the personal enhancement of each individual and his/her role towards the outside as a spokesperson for a widely spread community of agricultural labourers.


14 young members of the Orchestra dei Braccianti; 20 young labourers-musicians to be identified during the mission in the field.


The project foresees the realization of 12 workshops (one per month) each lasting six hours to enable the orchestra to increase its musical repertory, deepen composition and arrangement work and research new pieces.

At the same time, the project will undertake a search for new musicians in order to increase the members of the orchestra with new labourers via contact in other communities of agricultural labourers and ten missions in the field where there are large numbers of foreign day labourers (for example, the Piana del Sele, Agro Pontino and informal settlements in the Capitanata).

Finally, the project foresees enabling activities through mediation and storytelling with the young components of the orchestra aimed at reinforcing their identity as members of the orchestra and spokespersons for agricultural labourers living in vulnerable conditions.