Partner: ZeroFavole, Cre-Arte, AllegroModerato, Accademia Arte della Diversità –  Sector: Exchange  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Milan,Reggio Emilia, Bolzano –  Year: 2015-2016 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Exchange between 3 partner associations of AMI to share experiences and methodologies of intervention, comparison on artistic work with people with handicaps.



Sharing experience and methodologies, comparison of artistic work with the disabled and the creation of enrichment opportunities for the public and associated participants.


Approximately 50 youths and adults among whom are those with psycho-physical disabilities and other conditions of social marginalization; theatre workers, teachers, volunteers and university students.


The “Theatre, dance and music of difference” Exchange takes place in two phases, the first in June 2015,  the second in May 2016, between the Zero Favole Association of Reggio Emilia, the Cre-Arte Association of San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina), the AllegroModerato Cooperative of Milan and the Art Academy of Diversity of Bolzano.

These associations deal with theatre, dance and music for people with psycho-physical disabilities, the common objective being engendering a new perspective, a collective consciousness in the various communities, enabling people to overcome the stigma of diversity that results in marginalization.

This exchange was born with the idea to investigate the approaches, techniques and modalities by which artistic languages become both instruments of social inclusion of the participants and productions of performances capable of interacting with the public in traditional and professional spheres. The exchange of this diverse human and artistic experience, coming also from places that are far from one another, is fundamental to create a network of collaboration between these associations that work with men and women with handicaps or living in conditions of social disadvantage, and produce artistic events.

In 2016, the exchange foresees the visit of the president and director of the argentinian association Cre-Arte to the three association in Italy with participation to the weekly laboratories, rehearsals and to the shows. Round tables are foreseen to compare the modalities, methods and values used to inspire daily practice.

In 2015, the exchange took place in Reggio Emilia, at the ReGiò Theatre, with all the associations working together, including their beneficiaries, and with the organization of open workshops conducted by the directors, choreographers and music teachers of the associations and the dance performance of Cre-Arte entitled “Es tiempo de amar”.



CreArte- Centro Educativo y Cultural por Personas con Discapacidad


Accademia Arte Della Diversità