Partner: The CO2 –  Sector: Exchange  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Milan, Airola (BN) –  Year: 2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


Exchange between two Italian associations (The CO2 and Puntozero) that are carrying out artistic activities in juvenile penitentiaries.



Reinforcing the ties and exchanges between two associations with an eye to enhance resources and development of co-production processes, in particular relative to artistic activities carried out in juvenile penitentiaries in Italy.


2/3 Co2 professionals working in the juvenile penitentiary of Airola, Benevento.

7/8 Puntozero professionals working at the “C. Beccaria” juvenile penitentiary of Milan.

6 youths risking marginalization, members of the Puntozero company.


For a number of years, Co2 and Puntozero have been carrying out artistic activities in juvenile penitentiaries and sharing the conviction that meeting similar situations, which often are not well known, and creating synergies are fundamental in the enhancement of the resources available.

Starting with a desire to understand and create networks, Co2 organized a first national meeting between associations involved in artistic activities in juvenile penitentiaries (March 2018) financed by AMI. From this initial meeting the Associazione Teatri e Giustizia Minorile was born, of which the main associations offering artistic workshops in juvenile penitentiaries are a part.

Co2 and Puntozero have found themselves to be very much in sync and intend to reinforce their reciprocal knowledge, also with a view to possibly develop common projects.

This project foresees two phases. The first would take place in Milan (3 or 4 days in March 2020), during which time the musical production trainer and one or two theatre trainers from Co2 will visit Puntozero in a practical exchange aimed at a commingling of training methods.

The second phase entails an exchange held in Airola during the Festival, foreseen for November 2020. Puntozero and the youth of their theatre company (about 10) will travel to Airola to present their performance and carry out joint workshops with the trainers and youth of the Airola juvenile penitentiary.