Partner: AVISCO, LAD –  Sector: Exchange  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Brescia, Catania –  Year: 2016 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Promoting the exchange of good practice and experience among associations that use art with children in hospitals.



To promote the exchange of good practice. To improve the quality of life for children who are patients in hospitals.


6 professionals working with the AVISCO Association of Brescia and LAD of Catania, three per association.


The non-profit LAD and AVISCO associations work in the Vittorio Emanuele Hospital of Catania (pediatric oncohematology ward) and the Children’s Hospital of Brescia (pediatric, orthopedic, trauma, pediatric surgery, oncohematology, children’s neuropsychiatric and otolaryngology wards), respectively. Both use art in different ways to improve the conditions of children who are patients at the hospital and make their stay creative rather than frightening, reducing the often devastating effects of being diagnosed with a disease. This project foresees involving three professionals each from the two associations to spend a few days visiting their counterparts to become acquainted with, and increase their knowledge of, the artistic approaches being used in the pediatric wards. It will enable the associations to provide educational and enriching experiences to their own professionals, as well as a chance to observe their projects from a new perspective, thanks to the questions, curiosity and observations made by their counterparts.

AMI supports the AVISCO cartoon workshops at the Children’s Hospital in Brescia, and the creative and artistic activities of the LAD at the pediatric oncohematology ward at the hospital in Catania.