Partner: Associazione 21 luglio, CIES, Domus de Luna, Progetto Axé Italia, Projeto Axé –  Sector: Exchange  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Rome, Cagliari, Salvador De Bahia –  Year: 2013 - 2014 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


The promotion of an exchange between the organizers and workers of some AMI project partners involved with disadvantaged youth.



 Training four adult members of the Rulli Frulli Band to be music teachers as part of the project, which favours the social inclusion of youth, in particular those who are disabled, using percussion instruments.


Workers of 5 AMI project partners (approximately 55 people).


The art education exchange involves 5 Alta Mane partners working in projects that use art in the context of social disadvantage and marginalization. The workers present the activities of each project and discuss the different approaches with a view to sharing knowledge and exchanging good practices. Field visits are undertaken: in Rome to the CAG MaTeMù artistic workshops of the CIES and the activities of the Associazione 21 luglio with the Romani (1st phase); and in Cagliari to the Domus de Luna CAG ExMè workshops (2nd phase). The Gruppo per le Relazioni Transculturali (transcultural relations group) also participated during the visits to the projects in Rome.

This project continues with an intensive exchange between the Rome CAG MaTeMù and the Cagliari ExMè centre: 4 ExMè workers, individually, will visit for a week with MaTeMù in order to observe firsthand the daily activities of the centre. At the same time, 4 MaTeMù workers will go as couples to Cagliari to observe a week of work at the ExMè centre (3rd phase).

The project concludes with the visit of 9 workers (three for each association) to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, to participate in the activities and training workshops of the ProjetoAxè on Art Education and the Pedagogy of Desire (4th phase).