Partner: Ars Fluens (2016), Un cuore per amico (2011-2016) –  Sector: Health  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Naples –  Year: 2011-2016 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Support to children who are heart patients during their hospital stays through artistic activities.



To allow hospitalized children through artistic activities to express their feelings and face their fears about surgery.


Approximately 15 children and teenagers per day, between the ages of 2 and 18, in hospital waiting rooms or hospitalized in the cardiac ward of the Policlinico Federico II in Naples before and after surgery.


This project provides an artistic workshop for child and teenage heart patients who are either hospitalized or outpatients.

The Workshop takes place in the waiting room of the cardiac ward of the Policlinico Federico II and welcomes both first-time visitors and children who are coming back after several months. Activities are coordinated with an artist and open also to the siblings and parents of the patients. Today, Laboratorio Cuore is viewed very positively inside the ward by the hospital personnel: doctors and nurses often send their patients there. There are a number of activities offered and materials supplied, changing over time to allow those children who were there before to try out different techniques and games: Steiner watercolors, pencils, stamps, paints, origami, embroidery on cloth hearts. The children participating in the workshops overcome the boredom of being immobilized through painting, imaginatively developing their inner worlds. Art becomes an expressive channel that other disciplines are unable to access.

On novembre 7, 2014 the Workshop was presented at the congress “Artefice di benessere! Variations on the theme: Art overruns therapy”, at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies in Naples.


From July 2016 Ars Fluens

From January 2011 to June 2016 Un Cuore per Amico