Partner: Fundatia Parada - Parada Italia –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Romania –  Place: Bucharest –  Year: 2012-2014 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: Partnership with AMG


Completion of training for a group of five young Rumanian collaborators with a difficult past (ex Parada beneficiaries)



Enable the social reintegration and professional insertion of the young collaborators into the Academy of Social Art, which the Association intends to create in Bucharest.


Five young Rumanian collaborators with a difficult background (ex Parada beneficiaries) in training; approximately 200 children and youths benefit from the initiatives, performances and activities carried out by Fundatia Parada, along with the students of the schools where Fundatia Parada puts on performances and carries out activities.


For years Fundatia Parada has been working in favor of the street children of Bucharest through an innovative tool – the circus. Parada works directly in the streets, advocating that being homeless is not an illness but a condition that can be escaped if there’s the will to do so. The circus is an opportunity, a creative alternative to life in the street. Through this art it is possible to get ahead, garner applause and be recognized.

Parada intends to conclude the artistic path of five youths who, in 2012, formed a team in order to acquire greater competencies, responsibilities and autonomy. Over the years, they have received complete training in various aspects – artistic and psychological, theoretical and practical. In 2014 they will finish their training and begin directly managing workshops for other children and youth.

The project aims to offer youths a professional outlet that responds to their skills and gives them autonomy, as well as enabling them to work in the Academy of Social Art, which Parada intends to create at the end of 2014 in Bucharest.