Partner: AllegroModerato –  Sector: Social Inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Milan and Matera –  Year: 2020 –  Project Status: Ongoing –  Type: AMI


Assembling a community lyric opera starting with theatre and music workshops with two communities of women at risk of social marginalization.



To promote the social inclusion and cohesion of young migrant women and marginalized Italian women through expressive forms that foster sharing, self-narration and identity.

To develop a participatory, relational process that activates a bilateral North/South exchange of the aspirations, dreams and challenges that two communities of young women are experiencing, stimulating examination and critical thought about the knowledge of others.

To provide young women the tools to acquire new competencies and reinforce their trust in themselves.


Approximately 20 young women (Italian and foreign) at risk of marginalization, residing in the Basilicata region, and young migrant women who are staying at shelters for victims of the sex trade or violence in Milan.


The AllegroModerato Orchestra is composed of abled and disabled musicians who, since 2016, have been using musical workshops for migrants in order to foster the process of social inclusion through music. Since 2019, with AMI support, they have been conducting musical workshops for the young women who are staying in shelters for women asylum seekers, refugees and victims of the sex trade (the Light Orchestra project). Based on the exchange and experience garnered by the L’Albero Association in the Basilicata region, an idea was born to promote an exchange between the two communities of women residing in the North and South of Italy, activating an artistic, social co-creation process for expression of the two communities via classical music.

In fact, the Community Women Opera is a project that foresees the assembling of a community lyric opera starting with theatre workshops (collective drama) and music (musical composition and re-elaboration) conducted in these two communities with intensive, collective activities for the residents. The artistic and social process starts with the stories, dreams and ideas of the participants, which are gathered, put together and reassembled into a lyric opera.

This project aims to transform this empty space between two communities in the North and South, where the women struggle to dream and find a place and a voice. It is a space that is rich with new meaning, a new, shared, collective story that centres on the stories of those who have recently arrived, those who are leaving and especially those who dream of a future.