Partner: Progetto Axé Italia –  Sector: Awareness raising  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Italy –  Year: 2012 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Support to the young artists of Projecto Axé, dancers in the tour SUD and support of all the activities to support Axé during the Tour.


  • Support to a group of young artists with the Progetto Axé (Salvador de Bahia, Brazil) that were part of the Italian tour of the singer, Fiorella Mannoia, during the course of 2012.
  • Support to the fund-raising campaign in favor of Axé Italia by means of SMSs.
  • Dissemination of the Pedagogy of Desire and the principles of Progetto Axé’s ArtEducation in Italy by means of meetings and exchanges with Italian associations involved in the social sector, public and private entities and universities.
  • Creation of audio/visual texts and materials on the theory and process of Progetto Axé.

10 young artists (dancers, percussionists and singers), ex-students and now teachers of the Progetto Axé, their chaperons and Axé Italia.

Indirect beneficiaries were the numerous Italian social organizations involved in the recuperation of young people in contexts of serious social marginalization; and universities and territorial agencies that had the opportunity to meet and learn about the Progetto Axé’s Pedagogy of Desire and ArtEducation, also through the audio/visual materials.


The Foundation, along with covering the food and board of the young artists for the entire tour (approximately 5 months), also covered the costs connected with the fund-raising campaign in favor of Progetto Axé by means of SMSs  and the following promotional materials:

  • translation in italian and publication of the text “Accompanying the families of Axé
  • production of the ArtEducation video  (see VIDEO on the right column)
  • production of a commercial, paper and audio/visual materials for the SMS campaign
  • filming of some of the meetings with social associations and universities