Partner: Associazione 21 luglio, CIES, Domus de Luna, Progetto Axé Italia, Projeto Axé –  Sector: Exchange  –  Country: Brazil –  Place: Salvador de Bahia –  Year: 2014 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


The promotion of an exchange between the organizers and professionals of some AMI project partners.



 Training four adult members of the Rulli Frulli Band to be music teachers as part of the project, which favours the social inclusion of youth, in particular those who are disabled, using percussion instruments.


Workers of 5 AMI project partners: Associazione 21 luglio; CIES /Matemù; Domus de Luna; Axé Project Italy and ProjetoAxè


The art education exchange involves five Alta Mane partners working in projects that use art in the context of social disadvantage and marginalization with reciprocal visits to project sites (click here).

The last phase of this exchange took place in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, from 4-12 October 2014, with a visit to ProjetoAxè of nine professionals from Associazione 21 luglio, CIES and Domus de Luna (three per association).

For 25 years, Projeto Axè has been following approximately 900 socially disadvantaged children and youth between the ages of 8 and 25 in Salvador de Bahia through a path to recovery aimed at social reintegration, including learning an artistic discipline (music, dance, capoeira, figurative art, fashion); support for regular school attendance; and reintegration into the family and community of origin.

During the first days of the visit, the participants of the exchange visited the two Projeto Axè shelters: in Pelurinho, where classes in music (stringed instruments, percussion, wind instruments, keyboard and singing), visual arts (drawing and painting, silk-screen printing and sculpture) and fashion are held; and at the Augusto Omolù Dance and Capoeira Centre, where classes in classical ballet, Afro dance, contemporary dance and regional capoeira are held. Participants were also involved in a Street Education day, during which they participated in activities that the Projeto Axè staff provide daily in some areas of the city of Salvador de Bahia to assist children and youth living on the streets. The last two days were dedicated to Projeto Axè training in ArtEducation and the Pedagogy of Desire. The Axè method is based on the principle: “Ethics as life and an example to put forward; Esthetics as the fundamental right of every child; Desire as the rediscovery of vital energy and potential.”