Partner: AllegroModerato, Accademia Arte Della Diversità –  Sector: Awarness raising  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Bolzano –  Year: 2016 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Performances by the AllegroModerato Orchestra, which is composed of both abled and disabled musicians, at the Hayden Theatre in Bolzano.



Making a prestigious space available and productive for all, as well as to offer the public a model of new and inclusive musicians; promoting the exchange and sharing of experience between associations involved in the dialogue between art and disadvantage.


About 70 youth and adult actors and musicians, some of which are disabled, and associated participants and personnel.


The AllegroModerato symphonic orchestra, composed of 50 abled and disabled musicians, performs at the Hayden Theatre in Bolzano as part of the Art of Diversity Exposition, a cultural project of high artistic quality concerned with the social sphere, working within disadvantage and diversity by organizing annually the Bolzano Academy of the Arts of Diversity.

On this occasion, the Orchestra meets up with the Theatrical Company of the Academy of the Arts of Diversity, which is composed of professional actors with disabilities, and the Lebenshilfe Association, which has been working for 50 years in Bolzano for the benefit of people with disabilities, assisting also with their self-expression and cultural and artistic creation under the motto: “Art modifies views.”

This exchange involves beneficiaries and professionals engaged in the projects undertaken by these associations, enabling them to meet and share stories and experiences through music and theatre.