Partner: Bel Avenir –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Madagascar –  Place: Tuléar –  Year: 2012-2017 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: Partnership with AMG


Support to the cultural and artistic activities offered by the CAM Center for Art and Music in the city of Tuléar, Madagascar.



Promote cultural diversity and exchange through group artistic pursuits to socio-economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth


700 at-risk children and adolescents and 10 educators of the CAM.


The CAM began operations in January 2012, offering artistic training for children and adolescents already benefitting from social activities and health care provided by Bel Avenir, as well as other youths in Tuléar. In Tuléar there are no cultural or social programs aimed at the integration or inclusion of socio-economically disadvantaged and at-risk youth facing child labor, homelessness, drug abuse and child prostitution. This center represents a safe haven for the beneficiaries, where cultural diversity and exchange are promoted through group artistic pursuits.

In 2013 Alta Mane supported the CAM to provide daily music and dance classes, purchase and maintain musical instruments, pay personnel and purchase a minibus for regional and national tours. The various musical activities (clarinet, guitar, Brazilian batucada, Gospel choirs, Madagascan rock) take place every day of the week. Instruments and rooms are available for students who want to practice alone outside of class.

In 2014, Alta Mane supported the organization of 12 thematic festivals (one per month), organized and managed by the students of the Cultural Management course, and the realization of a training workshop on the use of gigantic marionettes, with the participation of the French artists “Les Grandes Personnes.”

From 2015, Alta Mane supports the strengthening of the artistic and psycho-social support for young people who attend the centre with the purchase of new musical instruments and the opening of a reparation workshop, the creation of committees composed by educators and young members of the CAM for the coaching of the students most in need, with the artistic training of educators and the psycho-social training for peer-to-peer agents and with the evaluation of the impact of activities realized.