Partner: Pé no Chão –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Brazil –  Place: Recife –  Year: 2012-2016 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: Partnership with AMG


Realization of percussion and popular Afro-Brazilian dance lessons to children and youths from the slums of Recife (Brazil)



Professionalization of youths from the slums of Recife, Arruda and Santo Amaro, and valorization of Afro-Brazilian identity


Approximately 40 children and youths in seriously disadvantaged social environments and 40 youths who participate in dance and percussion activities with African trainers.


The Head in the future (Cabeça no futuro) project aims to bring to a professional level the youths from the slums of Recife, Arruda and Santo Amaro, who take part in high-level Afro dance and percussion courses conducted by local teachers with the support of some ex-students who act as tutors.

African dance and percussion are part of a culture that has been discriminated against in Brazil for a long time. The teachers of the Pé no Chão group have been working to recuperate and safeguard it while, at the same time, giving value to the cultural identification of youths of Afro-Brazilian origin.

Through the high level training the beneficiaries are able to deepen their knowledge of this culture and realize excellent artistic results, as well as gain marketable skills (such as teachers in various artistic disciplines, professional artists, trainers in local NGOs working with youths and social marginalization, etc.)

The youths participating in this project have created the Pé no Chão-Kilandukilu dance troupe, which puts on shows both in the streets and squares of the city as well as at different Brazilian dance festivals (such as the International Dance Festival of Recife).