Partner: ZeroFavole –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Reggio Emilia –  Year: 2013 - 2019 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Workshop-School in inclusive theatre, open to disabled and able-bodied people, students, trainee actors, actors/volunteers, social theatre workers, a place of innovative research in the theatrical and human sphere.



Engendering meeting and dialogue between differences, people and different conditions through the channels and language of art by exhibiting them in a poetic key, giving value to their beauty and fostering a new perspective to ameliorate fear of the other.


35  young adults, among whom those with psycho-physical disabilities and other conditions of social marginalization (foreign minors, minors living in care communities, asylum seekers); volunteers; theatre workers; teachers and university students.


The project, supported by AMI since 2013, offers high-level “theatre of art” activities for some of the youths who are part of the ZeroFavole theatrical company.

The weekly theatre workshop is guided by two theatre professionals with pedagogical competencies who have been working with the group since its founding. The theatre is no longer something to do in one’s spare time but an occasion for high-level artistic production that directly involves also the families of the youths. The project foresees collaboration with renown artists who conduct the workshops and direct the performances for a certain period of time.

The ZeroFavole project is also included in the schools of Reggio Emilia; the non-actor actors conduct the theatrical workshops for students along with the professionals.

In 2014, a collaboration began between ZeroFavole and Babilonia Theatres , a brilliant avant-garde theatrical company, which performed Inferno and, in 2016, Purgatorio, performances co-produced together with the Theatres of Reggio Emilia, which debuted as part of the theatrical season, thus gaining access to the world of theatre and culture “for all” not just the “disabled”. In 2017, the project involved the youth of the company in the artistic creation of Paradiso, the last work of the trilogy, accompanied live by the musicians of the AllegroModerato Orchestra.

The project expands in 2018 with a path of theatrical research led by the Institute of teatrical practices for human care in Turin.

In 2019 the theatric conduction of the ZeroFavole group passes on a new equipe composed by 5 young theater operators trained inside the project.