Partner: Dynamo Camp –  Sector: Health  –  Country: Italia –  Place: Limestre (Pistoia) –  Year: 2016 - 2019 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: Partnership with AMG


Support to the Art Factory that includes artistic workshops held by renowned contemporary artists for children and teenagers with serious pathologies at Dynamo Camp and in the main Italian museums.



To enable sick children to express their fears and emotions in a creative and positive fashion, allowing them to experience instant happiness and satisfaction for the work created during the artistic workshops. To broaden and strengthen the contact with contemporary art experienced at the Camp by bringing the Art Factory into important Italian museums and allowing kids and families to get in touch with major national exhibition organizations.


1185 children and youth between the ages of 6 and 17 with illnesses that require invasive and long-term therapy, including those who are unable to participate in Dynamo Camp.


Dynamo Camp is a camp that is open year round and welcomes children affected by serious and chronic illness who are out-patients or in remission, as well as disabled children (with neurological, neuromotor and rare pathological conditions) and their siblings and parents.

Dynamo Art Factory  is one of the camp’s special projects, the creative heart of a vacation during which the children and adolescents, as a group, spend entire afternoons creating, designing, cutting, pasting, modeling and coloring. Every summer, renowned Italian and international contemporary artists contribute their creativity and talent to a project that involves the youths directly. The artist begins by setting a creative “challenge”, which is then taken up by each participant in a different way, resulting in a special emotional and artistic experience. The result of each session is a single piece of work bearing the artist’s name and illustrating the children’s emotions.

The project foresees 8 artistic workshop sessions of 9 days each. Children aged between 6 and 13 participate only one afternoon while those aged between 13 and 17 participate more than once.

From 2018, AMI and AMG are also supporting the dissemination of the Art Factory experience at major contemporary art museums in 8 Italian cities (Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome, Rovereto, Turin and Florence) with the offer of a one-day workshop held by renowned artists, aimed at creating a collective work which can then be exhibited in the museum for a period of time and subsequently brought back to the Dynamo Art Factory.

In 2017, Alta Mane supported the participation of two young people in the LIT (Leaders in Training) programme.