Partner: The CO2 –  Sector: Awareness raising  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Rome –  Year: 2018 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Realization of a national technical meeting between the associations that organize artistic workshops in Juvenile Prisons.



Sharing of good practices and problems encountered; comparison on current projects; creation of a network of associations working in the Juvenile prisons in view of future collaborations.


15 artistic operators of 10 associations who work in Juvenile prisons: Co2, Fuori le Ali and Adynaton from Rome, Puntozero from Milan, Teatro del Pratello from Bologna, Teatro Kismet from Bari, , Rulli Frulli from Finale Emilia, Teatro di Sotto from Naples, Piedi Liberi from Potenza, Cotti in Fragranza from Palermo.


The CO2 association has organized a meeting between the associations that carry out artistic workshops in Italian juvenile penitentiary institutes to discuss current projects, share experiences and best practices, discuss any difficulties and problems encountered and create a network, a connection platform, also in view of future collaborations.

This meeting was designed as a technical table for insiders and has returned to the Festival “Another story: festival of civil commitment” held at the Teatro India in Rome from 23 to 25 March 2018. The festival has put together the many realities that in recent years have emerged around the show “Dieci storie proprio così” (third edition), with the aim of confronting, deepen the issues such as mafias, anti-mafia and active citizenship.

At the technical meeting on art in juvenile prisons, 15 theater operators participated in 10 associations operating in theJuvenile Prisons, including: CO2 operating at the IPM of Airola and at the Malaspina of Palermo (see project) , Puntozero of Milan, active at the Beccaria prison, Teatro del Pratello from Bologna, Teatro Kismet of Bari (IPM Fornelli), Fuori le Ali and Adynaton, active at the IPM Casal di Marmo in Rome, Banda Rulli Frulli from Finale Emilia, which this year is organizing musical workshops at the former Psychiatric Hospital of Reggio Emilia.