Partner: CDM –  Sector: Social inclusion  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Rome –  Year: 2014 - 2015 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Music and theater workshops for children of the periferic area of Vigne Nuove in Rome.



Supporting the development of children in the marginal area of “Vigne Nuove” in Rome through music and theater, using the Orff-Schulwerk approach and instruments.


Approximately 85 children between the ages of 0 and 10 in the high risk Vigne Nuova area, among whom are also children sent by social services and public schools in the area, as well as the parents of the children involved.


The project foresees the re-opening of the New Focus on Children center in the Vigne Nuove area of Rome, which was first opened by the IV Municipality of Rome (from 1999 to 2010). Housed in a wing of the “Cardinal Massai” elementary school, the center provides free music and theater workshops for children of the area and their parents. The project has a front-office service to welcome families and insert them in the ongoing workshops with priority for those children and families sent by social services, nursery and elementary schools, kindergartens and group homes, including children with attention deficit disorders and behavioral and learning issues. The center is open twice a week and offers six workshops of an hour each per week: Music and baby bottles, Music and games, Voice in movement, Music together, Music theater, Best friends group. The team is composed of music educators experts in the Orff-Schulwerk approach and methodology, a psychotherapist and a professional educator.