Evaluation of Dynamo Art Factory

Dynamo Camp - Archive Italy - Research

Impact evaluation of the MaTeMù artistic workshops

CIES - Archive Italy - Research

Otello Circus Tour

Accademia Arte della Diversità, AllegroModerato - Awareness raising

Tournée in Valencia

Amici di Luca - Archive Italy - Awareness raising

Worthy of note

AllegroModerato - Archive Italy - Research

Arte X Igual Festival

Accademia Arte della Diversità, AllegroModerato, ZeroFavole - Archive abroad - Awareness raising

South- South Exchange between Fekat and Phare

Fekat Circus, Phare Ponleu Selpak - Archive abroad - Exchange

Talent: Creative and expressive workshops at “Officine Gomitoli”

Dedalus - Archive Italy - Social inclusion

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