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The Altrove Show by the MaTeMù kids

Friday, February 14, at 19:30 the kids participating in the C.A.G. MaTeMù artistic workshops performed the “Altrove. Città Invisibili” show at the Acquario Romano – Casa dell’Architettura on the occasion of the CIES’s 30th anniversary.   For more information on the MaTeMù workshops, click here.  

Ward cartoons AT THE MOVIES!

On Thursday, March 6, the cartoons created by the children at the Hospital of Brescia will be previewed at the Cinema Nuovo Eden in Brescia. The authors of these cartoons and their families are invited to participate in the showing of their cartoons, a documentary video on the ward workshop and other short films that […]

Tour of Luca’s Friends Awakenings Theatre

The Luca’s Friends Company is on tour with a performance of Pinocchio in co-production with the Babilonia Teatri of Verona, one of the brightest stars in Italy for experimental theatre (Ubu Prize 2011). The 2013 show was held in important Italian theaters (the Palladium theater in Rome, the Storchi theater in Modena, the Astra theater […]

ArtEducation Exchange

On 22 and 23 September, 2013, and 30 and 31 January 2014, the first and second phase of ArtEducationExchange was held in Rome and Cagliari, involving five partners of the Alta Mane Italy Foundation working in projects using art in the context of marginalization and social disadvantage. The professionals involved present the activities of the […]