Tour of Luca’s Friends Awakenings Theatre

locandina_pinThe Luca’s Friends Company is on tour with a performance of Pinocchio in co-production with the Babilonia Teatri of Verona, one of the brightest stars in Italy for experimental theatre (Ubu Prize 2011).

The 2013 show was held in important Italian theaters (the Palladium theater in Rome, the Storchi theater in Modena, the Astra theater in Vicenza, the Aurora theater in Mestre, the Brecht theater in Perugia, the La Soffitta theater in Bologna, the Elfo Puccini theater in Milan and others). In 2014 the Pinocchio tour continued at the Koreja theater in Lecce (24 and 25 January), the Tatà theater in Taranto (26 January), the Villa dei Leoni di Mira theater in Venice (1 February), the Archivio theater in Genoa (5 February), the city theater in Monfalcone (21 February) and other important theaters in southern Italy in March and April. The three actors are from the Luca’s Friends Company, composed of post-coma patients for whom theatrical activities form an integral part of their therapy, and they interpret Pinocchio through their personal experiences, recounting in both ironic and dramatic fashion their accidents, coma and aftermath.