Grupo Pé no Chão at “Sábado Negro”, Festival Internacional de Dança – Cena Cumplicidades.

Pé no Chão na Cena Cumplicidade

This year Grupo Pè no Chao celebrates its 20th anniversary by participating at “Sábado Negro”, Festival Internacional de Dança – Cena Cumplicidades.

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 Pé no Chão holds free workshops of african dances and rhythms and presents its new big show. The dancers and drummers are the young people who participate in the educational activities of the group and that in the last five years have had the opportunity to work with choreographers from 3 different african countries (Angola, Mozambique and Burkina Faso), thanks to the “Cabeça no Futuro” project, supported by AMI and AMG.

The show of the Festival is based on a mix of the dances of these three countries in a blend of traditional dances with elements of contemporary dance.

20 Anos