The President of the Republic awards AllegroModerato

Musicoterapia al Niguarda maggio 2015 Vasco_39

The President of the Republic has conferred a Merit award of the Italian Republic to the President of AllegroModerato, Marco Sciammarella, “for having offered through music an occasion for expression and participation accessible also to people with disabilities, who form two-thirds of the Orchestra. The idea behind the project is that music can help people with psychological, mental and physical fragilities to develop emotional, cognitive and relational energies. The Orchestra performs in Italy and abroad. On March 2, 2016 it performed at the Bolzano Auditorium along with Franco Mussida of the Pfm. AllegroModerato has also overturned a cliché: some of the disabled youths give music and singing lessons in the pediatric wards of several hospitals, and also held two seminars for the prisoners at San Vittore and Beccaria.”

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