“Amici di Luca” – Teatro dei Risvegli Tour


The Gli Amici di Luca (literally Luca’s friends) Company was on tour with the show Pinocchio , co-produced with the Babilonia Teatri of Verona – one of the most brilliant examples of current Italian experimental theater (Ubu prize 2011). The show has been played at important Italian venues such as the Palladium theater in Rome, the Storchi theater of Modena, the Astra theater in Vicenza, the Aurora theater in Mestre, the Brecht theater in Perugia ,La Soffitta theater in Bologna and the Elfo Puccini theater in Milan .






Pinocchio - Amici di Luca, Teatro dei Risvegli

Pinocchio – Amici di Luca, Teatro dei Risvegli

Three actors of the Amici di Luca Company, composed of people who have been in a coma and used theater as an integral part of their rehabilitation, interpreted Pinocchio through their personal experiences made up of the story – sometimes ironic, sometimes dramatic – of their accident, coma and awakening.

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