Partner: Linea d'Acqua(2016), Frassati(2015-2016) –  Sector: Health  –  Country: Italy –  Place: Turin –  Year: 2015-2019 –  Project Status: Concluded –  Type: AMI


Establishment of a creative space as part of the integrated care of children and youth at the Children’s Neuropsychiatric Day Hospital in the Regina Margherita Hospital.



To give children in the care of the Child Neuropsychiatry Service at the Regina Margherita Hospital (day hospital and ward) the chance to express, process and contain the suffering and anxiety linked to their illness and / or psychological distress through the artistic gesture.

To allow the young patients to build their self-esteem, contain and process aggressive experiences, define their individuality within the group and share personal emotions and experiences with peers and therapists.


64 minors between the ages of 7 and 16 who are patients at the Psychiatric Therapeutic Day Hospital for Children’s Neuropsychiatry at the Regina Margherita Hospital receiving treatment for school phobia, somatization, eating disorders, behavioral and learning disorders.


At the Hospital, an art therapist conducts artistic workshops to promote the personal expression and creativity of the young patients frequenting the daily psychiatric services 7 hours per day, as well as the hospital school. Artistic activities include the use of pencils, crayons, water colors, clay and other sculptural and pictorial materials to promote the expression of emotion, increase self-esteem, defuse aggressive behavior and assist in the definition of each child’s individuality within the group. Artistic expression also helps then to define their individuality within the group and enables them to share emotions and experiences with peers and therapists.

The workshop takes place once a week for 2,5 hours..Activities begin with individual expression in art and end with a group period defined by the participants as “the melee”, which foresees involvement in a group project. Individual artistic activities are also provided for epileptic children and youth with more serious problems who are unable to participate in group activities.Art therapy is supervised by a psychologist with experience in art therapy and is integrated in the general care of these minors via constant exchange and dialogue with other members of the medical team.