Who can present a proposal to the Foundation?

Non-profit entities such as: associations, NGOs, non-profit organizations, foundations and social cooperatives.

Who is not eligible for financing from the Foundation?

All for-profit entities and organizations with political or religious objectives, individuals (except for scholarships in favor of the young beneficiaries of partner projects already supported by the Foundation).



Preliminary proposals accompanied by a summary description of the project can be presented only via email for an initial evaluation of their conformity with the priorities of the Foundation.

Should the preliminary evaluation prove positive, a more detailed project proposal will be requested containing the following information:

  • sector and sphere of intervention

  • general and specific objectives, beneficiaries and desired results

  • activities foreseen, timetable and work plan

  • provisional budget with possible backers, public or private, and their letters of intent

  • resumes of project collaborators

  • indications concerning the prospects for self-support and potential for development 

The proposal must include the following documents:

  • Statute and Founding Act of the proponent

  • Annual report and budget from the previous year

  • current composition of the decision-making organs and legal representation

  • any photographic/audio/video materials available on the activities undertaken  


Should the Project Evaluation Committee consider the proposal suitable, it may be referred to the Board for further evaluation.

Board meetings are held at least twice a year, normally in October/November and April/May.

Summary of the General Principles guiding Foundation contributions

1. The funds allocated by the Foundation must be used exclusively for the agreed purposes.

2. Any amendment to the legal structure of the partner or the project originally approved, as well as the intervention of other co-financing partners, shall be promptly communicated to the Foundation, which reserves the right to decide, should the changes prove significant, whether or not to confirm its support of the project. 

 3.  The beneficiaries of subsidies shall provide the Foundation with regular updates and a final report, including appropriate financial statements with respect to the use of the sums granted. They shall also send the Foundation appropriate documentation (photographs, videos, etc.) concerning the project financed.

4. The beneficiaries of Foundation subsidies shall indicate in all promotional materials for the financed project, including on the Internet, the name and logo of the Foundation among the project sponsors.

5. The Foundation shall be entitled to publish in its own information materials, including on the Internet, the name and logo of the beneficiaries, as well as audio/visual materials concerning the project, for documentation purposes only.

 6. The payment of subsidies by the Foundation shall not oblige it to make any further payment in the future, nor result in any rights and/or expectations to that end on the part of the beneficiary.

7. The Foundation reserves the right to revoke its contribution and request restitution in the following cases:

a:the project was not initiated within six months of communication of approval of the proposal

b:changes occurred within the association or project such to compromise, in the incontestable judgment of the Foundation, the agreed objective and management transparency

c:adequate and truthful reports regarding the use of sums paid are not supplied to the Foundation