Exchange between Prometeo and Vientos Culturales 2016

I.E. Gilberto Alzate Avenda§o_Fotos de Natalia Rend¢n (10)

Starting July 31, 2016, an Exchange will take place between the professionals of Vientos Culturales and Prometeo, AMI partner associations offering artistic workshops in marginalized communities in the cities in which they operate: Tuxtla Gutierrez in Mexico and Medellin in Colombia.

The Exchange foresees two visits of 12 days each, the first for two professionals from Prometeo in Mexico (August 2016) and the second for two Vientos Culturales professionals in Colombia (September 2016).

During the visits, the professionals will participate in the ordinary activities of the host associations, observing the methodology and acquiring new tools that can enhance their own work.

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